The objective of Escapis is to offer multiple experiences so that any type of group can enjoy our games.

Escape Room in person

Enjoy an exciting experience with your friends, colleagues or family. Choose from our games: The Treaty of Versailles, The School or Alibaba for a maximum of 6, 7 and 8 players respectively.

Games at home

We take the experience wherever you tell us. Designed for the largest groups (more than 8 players) and animated by our host.

Choose between Who shut up gives,, Dirty jobs and Arcanum XII, 1450.

Team buildings

Come and try our teambuilding games with your company! Invite the team coach to watch you from the cameras and not miss a single detail.

For large groups, we can come to your facilities with our host. In this case, the games we suggest are: He who is silent gives and Dirty jobs.