Here you will find solved the doubts and questions we have the most, but if you do not find the information you are looking for, please contact us.

No. Escapis is a game to have fun with the mind. It is not scary and there is no violence. In the room there will only be you and the challenges for your mind!

None at all. Escapis challenges are for wit, not knowledge. What we offer you is to observe what you have around you, relate it and draw your conclusions.

You have a button next to the exit door for these situations. If you press it, the door will open automatically.

A monitor observes you during the whole activity through cameras located inside the game. If you feel lost, he can help you by giving you hints through an internal video system.

To participate in any of the Escapis levels, the minimum number of people per group is 2 and the maximum is 7 in the School game, from 2 to 8 in Alibaba and from 2 to 6 in the Treaty of Versailles game. If your group exceeds the limit, you will have to divide the number of participants into two groups and play consecutively, so don’t forget to reserve a day/time when two consecutive hours are free!

We do not attend groups without previous reservation. In order for the player to have the best possible experience we need to prepare the game in advance. Book your time through the reservation system on our website, if you have any questions call/whatsapp our phone number 623 355 102.

You can change the day/time or cancel your reservation by calling/whatsapp to 623 355 102, always 48 hours in advance.

Punctuality is essential to come to play Escapis! If the delay does not exceed 15 minutes we will let you in to play, as long as the people in the group are aware that they will have lost valuable minutes to solve the game. If the delay exceeds 15 minutes the reservation will be automatically cancelled.

Yes, everyone can play, although children under 14 years old must be accompanied by an adult.

Coming to play at Escapis costs between 70 and 130€ per group (depending on the level, game and number of players). Book your time in our booking section.