Treaty of Versailles

In June 1919 a group of Allied diplomats head to the Palace of Versailles to sign the treaty that will put an end to World War I.
Do you dare to be part of history?

70 minutes

Arrive 10 minutes early for the explanation of the game.

2 to 6 people

The capacity allowed in the room.

80-100€* / group

Depending on the modality and level you choose. We have 4 levels available


Enjoy the experience in our room in the heart of Girona.

The game

Treaty of Versailles

70 minutes of adventure where you will become diplomats and you will be the key elements to restore peace in the world. In order to accomplish your mission, you must first escape from our room, will you succeed?

During your adventure, you will have to solve puzzles and enigmas to escape before the time available (70 minutes), don’t be afraid! you don’t need to read history books, what you see on our website is more than enough to come and play.

An experience for all audiences, very immersive and with a decoration absolutely according to the theme.


Team up with the diplomats of the allied countries. United, only this way you will be able to obtain the surrender of Germany and be one step closer to sign the Peace Treaty.

Be stealthy and do not reveal your objectives. Germany is not interested in your signing this treaty, it would be a humiliation for them.

Escape from the Germans and you will be able to sign the Treaty of Versailles! This is the only way to achieve your objectives during this mission.

We have options for all ages and levels of escapists.

Kids Level

The difficulty of this level is the same as the “beginner level” but the game dynamics are adapted so that the little ones can participate throughout the game.

If there are children under 14 years old in your team and you want them to participate in the activity, you must choose this modality.

Beginner level

Beginner level ideal for adult people who have played from 0 to 3 escape rooms approximately.

Intermediate level

For adult groups with a minimum experience of 3 escape rooms.

Pro level

For adult groups that have played more than 10 escape rooms.