Embark on a magical adventure in the style of “The Thousand and One Nights”. The cave of Alibaba is full of treasures but be careful… greed breaks the sack.

70 minutes

Arrive 10 minutes early for the explanation of the game.

2 to 8 people

The capacity allowed in the room.

70-90€* / group

Depending on the modality and level you choose. We have 4 levels available


Enjoy the experience in our room in the heart of Girona.

The game


By chance, the humble woodcutter Alibaba managed to enter the cave where 40 thieves kept all his treasures. For many years and without getting carried away by greed, Alibaba was removing and selling a small amount of treasures to be able to have a decent standard of living and support his entire family.

Alibaba was very humble, he never lost his humanity or his values, that’s why the 40 thieves never knew that, little by little, he was taking small treasures out of that cave.

Before dying, Alibaba decided to share the secret of his cave with you, but he appointed a guardian to watch over you and make sure that your greed does not turn you into an easy prey for the 40 thieves.

In this experience you will become intrepid adventurers who have decided to sneak into our cave in order to get as much treasure as possible. You will have to be very careful because if you take more than 70 minutes to get out of the cave, the thieves will discover you!  You know that greed breaks the sack.


You will not be inside the cave from the beginning so the first thing you will have to do is to get into the cave.

It is important that, before getting the succulent treasures out of the cave, you focus on finding a way to get out of it because if the thieves catch you… To do this you will have to follow “the humble way” before “the way of the treasures”.

Find and steal as many treasures as possible before time runs out. Remember that the treasure test is a bonus, an extra, something optional.

Not all groups are ready to pass this test, will you be?

We have options for all ages and levels of escapists.

Kids Level

The difficulty of this level is the same as the “beginner level” but the game dynamics are adapted so that the little ones can participate throughout the game.

If there are children under 14 years old in your team and you want them to participate in the activity, you must choose this modality.

Beginner level

Beginner level ideal for adult people who have played from 0 to 3 escape rooms approximately.

Intermediate level

For adult groups with a minimum experience of 3 escape rooms.

Pro level

For adult groups that have played more than 10 escape rooms.

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