Dirty jobs

A cabinet in crisis with the lives of compatriots at stake and, above all, in your hands. An experience where the five powers of a society and their influence are present.

120 minutes

8-22 people

On request

At home

The game

Dirty jobs

Based on cooperation, decision making, group management and tense situations. An ideal game for teambuildings or groups willing to play and get into the role.

Dirty jobs is a live role-playing game that proposes the management of a crisis cabinet in an asymmetric conflict with the lives of compatriots at stake.

An experience where the five powers of a society and their influence are present. A war and strategic scenario in constant change where adaptation to events is the key to success.

Operation: Two separate rooms with a different management of the conflict. One in a war environment and the other in a diplomatic environment. Around them there are a series of actors that influence each room with their decisions.

Benefits of Dirty Jobs Team Building:

Effective communication: Participatory theater fosters communication among team members, as they must work together to create a coherent synergy. This improves verbal and nonverbal communication, as well as the ability to listen to and understand others.

Close collaboration among participants to develop characters, scenes and plots. This promotes collaboration and teamwork, which can be beneficial for projects and tasks in the workplace.

Creativity: encouraging and problem solving. Participants must think creatively to solve situations.

Self-confidence: Performing in public can be a challenging experience, but it can also help develop self-confidence. Participants learn to overcome stage fright and face challenging situations with confidence.

Stress management: Participating in theater activities can help reduce stress and anxiety by providing an outlet and a form of emotional expression. This can improve employees’ mental health.

Conflict resolution: Through theater, participants can address conflicts and problems indirectly and creatively. This can help resolve tensions and improve communication in the workplace.

Fun and motivational: Participatory theater is fun and can increase employee motivation and enthusiasm. A more positive and energetic work environment can improve productivity and morale.

In short, participatory theater team building offers a number of benefits, ranging from improving communication and collaboration to strengthening self-confidence and creativity. These benefits can contribute greatly to a healthier and more productive work environment.

Character types: control, strategy, interest, irony, profit, reaction, technique, transformation and vocation.

Information and booking

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