Escapis is a game for fun group and a challenge for the mind.

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Use your mind! This is the main rule.
Once inside you will have one hour to find your way out. As an advice, not everyone can!
Everything is interactive, this is not a videogame, we are on the real life, you can do what ever you want, without limits.
It’s a team game, come with your friends or family (between 2 and 6).

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We give you an hour to resolve the enigmas hidden, get it?

frequently asked questions


It’s a dangerous game?
No. Escapis is a game to have fun thinking and solving problems. There’s nothing scary inside, only your team and our challenges.
Escapis needs knowledge like languages, physics, chemistry?
No. The challenges in Escapis can be solved using your logic not for your knowledge. We offer you a game where you will succeed observing what’s around you and finding solutions.
What if I need to leave the game during the game?
There’s always a button near the exit door. So if you need to get outside, you can push it and the door will get open.
What if I get stocked stalled during the game?
A monitor is observing you during the game using cameras inside every room. If you feel lost, he can give you clues using an internal video system
How can I book a game?
Make a reservation on our web system or call to our phone. up-arrow-icon

Find the treasure map, he discovers the meaning of objects, opening closets and secret hiding places to find pieces that allow you to open the last door.

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Make a reservation, use our online payment system totally securely with paypal. Your reservation will be effective immediately.If you have questions call our telephone 972 41 43 54  

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